Take your significant other sailing or surfing or pretend you will be just doing usual stuff in a beautiful place like Cabo San Lucas beach… and pop the question “Will you marry me?”

We can’t think of anything better than being in our favorite element (salt water cures all!) This is a perfectly intimate and memorable way to pop the question, more exciting if you have a photographer to get all the reactions in a portrait.

Whether or not you and your partner are pro-scuba divers or snorkelers, or body builders like these two lovely couples… we will ride along with your plan to get your ultimate desired YES!

His girlfriend thought we were just doing some usual photoshoot of the two of them to come up with materials to promote body building. Our plan was to start with pictures up around the Cabo San Lucas beach as it’s so mesmerizing, then closer to sunset I would tell them to walk down the beach together and that is when he would pop the question. I followed the two down the beach for a good while, I was getting a bit worried if he was going to do it. He said later he was looking for a dry spot on the beach to get down on one knee. I posted a lot of shots of the proposal below. You can tell she was genuinely shocked and then elated by the surprise.

Definitely the surprise proposal was successful as she answered him with a YES!

A lot of times, less is more. Who says you need to have the most extravagant set-up? When it comes to proposals, we’d like to think that as long as you have a ring, the loving words speak for themselves. Surprise your partner by casually talking about your relationship history… What do you love about your relationship or just even being yourselves and just do the unexpected at that moment, right away!

When the time is right like the sunset sky is giving that romantic vibe, and you are ready with that ring in your pocket… get on one knee and propose. And what we can do is shoot the memorable moment of your lives starting together. You will be able to look at these moments together laughing and giggling like it just happened yesterday.