Body Builder’s Surprise Engagement A Success

Body Builder’s Surprise Engagement A Success

Take your significant other sailing or surfing or pretend you will be just doing usual stuff in a beautiful place like Cabo San Lucas beach… and pop the question “Will you marry me?”

We can’t think of anything better than being in our favorite element (salt water cures all!) This is a perfectly intimate and memorable way to pop the question, more exciting if you have a photographer to get all the reactions in a portrait.

Whether or not you and your partner are pro-scuba divers or snorkelers, or body builders like these two lovely couples… we will ride along with your plan to get your ultimate desired YES!

His girlfriend thought we were just doing some usual photoshoot of the two of them to come up with materials to promote body building. Our plan was to start with pictures up around the Cabo San Lucas beach as it’s so mesmerizing, then closer to sunset I would tell them to walk down the beach together and that is when he would pop the question. I followed the two down the beach for a good while, I was getting a bit worried if he was going to do it. He said later he was looking for a dry spot on the beach to get down on one knee. I posted a lot of shots of the proposal below. You can tell she was genuinely shocked and then elated by the surprise.

Definitely the surprise proposal was successful as she answered him with a YES!

A lot of times, less is more. Who says you need to have the most extravagant set-up? When it comes to proposals, we’d like to think that as long as you have a ring, the loving words speak for themselves. Surprise your partner by casually talking about your relationship history… What do you love about your relationship or just even being yourselves and just do the unexpected at that moment, right away!

When the time is right like the sunset sky is giving that romantic vibe, and you are ready with that ring in your pocket… get on one knee and propose. And what we can do is shoot the memorable moment of your lives starting together. You will be able to look at these moments together laughing and giggling like it just happened yesterday.

How to pick the perfect Cabo engagement shoot outfit

How to pick the perfect Cabo engagement shoot outfit

So you’re heading to Los Cabos, Mexico for your engagement shoot?

That’s so freaking exciting! 

After all, these pictures are ones that’ll adorn your mantelpiece for a lifetime. They’re the photos your family will smile fondly at for generations to come. 

However, this exciting event does beg the age old question… “What should I wear?” 

Don’t worry, this guide has got you covered. We’re here to help you pick out a beautiful engagement shoot outfit that you won’t regret in years to come (hello, ‘80s shoulder pads?)

Pick your vibe 

Obviously, if you’re having your photographs done in Cabo, you’re going for something summery – otherwise, you’re on the wrong website… 

But it’s key to think about the kind of effect you want to create before choosing an outfit. Serious and romantic? Fun and flirty? Casual and candid, or uber dressy? 

The vibe you choose is up to you – and it should be as unique as your love story! There are no right or wrong answers, but if you need a little inspiration, here’s a little to whet your appetite: 

Cabo San Lucas engagement photographer

Think about colors 

The vibe you choose will feed directly into your color scheme. If you want a playful shoot, then avoid anything too dark! You’ll want to go light and bright. This doesn’t mean you have to dress head-to-toe in neon colors; it could be as simple as choosing one or two bright pieces to make the photo pop. 

If you’d like to create a dreamy, fairytale feel, you can’t go wrong with pastels. Baby pink, pale turquoise and lilac are always winners. 

Meanwhile, rich, dark colors are the perfect choice for a more striking, dramatic shoot. Deep purples, garnet hues and royal blues would work perfectly. 

Since you’ll be taking your pictures on the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico, you really can’t go wrong with summer brights and floral patterns. 


Of course, when you’re thinking about the color of your clothing, it’s not every man for himself (or every bride for herself.) You’ve got to think about how your outfits relate to each other.

It’s important to consider whether you and your other half want to complement or contrast with each other. It can be fun to match but then again, bright, clashing colors might suit your personalities better. 

Ana and Lance, for example, both went with a white color scheme that created a serene and romantic feel for their special shoot. 

Meanwhile, this happy couple went for all-black for their photos at the Cabo San Lucas arch. An unconventional choice for an engagement shoot, but it really worked for them. 

Ideas for him 

Guys are lucky – they have it so easy when it comes to deciding what to wear! 

Since we’ll be shooting in the Mexican heat, guys really can’t go wrong with a linen shirt. Not only is it much more comfortable for a beach shoot, it looks smart but relaxed at the same time. 

Unless you want to go super formal, guys can definitely get away with a smart pair of shorts. Don’t rock up in your gym shorts, though! 

Patrick nailed it for his engagement shoot with Lindsay:

Alex went for full-length trousers and a pale blue shirt for his photos with Christy which looked great, although they did end up a little wet around the ankles.

Ideas for her

Let’s be honest: ladies’ fashion is way more fun! There are so many beautiful options for las chicas to choose from when it comes to an engagement suit. Here are a few ideas: 


A fun, flirty playsuit would make a fantastic engagement shoot outfit. Make sure to pick a flowy material and a colorful or floral pattern. A bardot cut is especially flattering for brides-to-be who want to show off their tanned collar bones, and frills and ruffles can only be a good thing. 


Colorful maxi dress

A maxi dress is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to beach photography. A flowing pastel dress is perfect for creating a fairytale feel that’s oh-so-romantic. 

As for the cut, cold shoulder sleeves are very feminine and always look beautiful. Alternatively, a halter neck dress would work perfectly with the gorgeous, beachy background. We’re in love with Danielle’s bright, floral halter dress from the Schaefers’ shoot.

A long dress works especially well because on windy days it can be used to create a stunning flowing effect. Even if there’s no breeze, it’s perfect for when he sweeps you off of your feet! 

White dress

Here comes the bride! This is an engagement shoot, after all, so why not lean into it and go with a gorgeous white dress? Of course, you might want to save that for your wedding but we say “go for it.” If you can’t be a little extra during your Los Cabos engagement photoshoot then when can you? 

Top and maxi skirt

If you’re not feeling formal but would still like to wear something flowy and feminine, you could pair a pretty top with a long skirt. Fiorella managed to create a relaxed yet romantic feel in her Cabo engagement photos with Colby. 

Impractical outfits

Of course, what you wear during your Cabo engagement photoshoot is completely your choice but we don’t recommend a short skirt if you want to take some swept-off-your-feet pictures – for obvious reasons. 

Heels might seem like a good idea but we’re going to be shooting on the beach so we highly recommend that you go barefoot. It’s much more romantic, anyway.

So there we have it, some serious inspiration for your Los Cabos engagement photoshoot! 

If you decide to book a trip to capture your magical moments, Cabo Pictures is here to make sure you’re all covered. 

It’s our goal to tell your family’s story, whether it’s celebrating milestones or simply documenting your family vacation, so you have something to remember by. We offer a 60-minute photoshoot and are very flexible when it comes to the location and time of the shoot. 

We make sure that we match our photographers with what you are looking for. Reserve today for only $75USD! This is an investment you won’t forget, and one that your family will always hold dear for many years.

The most magical surprise engagement in Cabo San Lucas!

The most magical surprise engagement in Cabo San Lucas!

Magical, breathtaking and bursting with love. The perfect three words to describe the perfect proposal.

Caplin and Alyssa’s special moment was even more than that! Sailing out on the open seas surround by crystal clear waters and engulfed by the rays of a truly gorgeous sunset, he got down on one knee.

Cabo Pictures was given the tremendous honour of getting to capture this truly life-changing magical moment and we couldn’t be happier.

Our team provided photography, videography and drone shots of the special occasion all whilst hiding in plain sight! The incredible Caplin had planned everything down to the finest detail and so the proposal went perfectly. Dressed as crew members, our videographer and photographer were able to capture the moment with complete discretion.

A massive congratulations to Caplin and Alyssa on your engagement. Cabo really delivered a beautiful backdrop for your proposal. We wish you all the best for the future ❤

P.S she said YES of course ?

The Jones: A Blissful Maternity Shoot at Santa Maria Beach In Los Cabos Mexico

The Jones: A Blissful Maternity Shoot at Santa Maria Beach In Los Cabos Mexico

Alissa Jones and Corey Moore were more than excited to spend their very first trip to Mexico at Bahía Santa Maria (Santa Maria Beach) in Los Cabos. They stayed at the Montage Resort and booked us to celebrate their upcoming bundle of joy.

The Jones at the Santa Maria Beach collage

Santa Maria Beach: One of Cabo’s Most Beautiful Beaches

This horseshoe-shaped beach is one of Cabo’s most beautiful and popular beaches. It is relatively secluded, which made our shoot very private and easy. Alissa and Corey wanted to capture the moments before their bundle of joy is born. They even drew out their baby’s name on the almost pink-hued, rice-like sand.

Santa Maria beach Cabo San Lucas maternity photos with their baby girl's name in the sand
Corey Moore at the Santa Maria Beach Los Bacos collage
photos by

Activities you can do at Santa Maria Beach

Staying at hotels near Santa Maria Beach is ideal, as the beach offers quite a few activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Snorkeling is a popular activity, as Santa Maria Beach is a safeguarded marine haven with lots of colorful fish. Since this is also a slightly private beach, you can choose to lay in the sand instead and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation. This is also a popular SCUBA diving destination for divers and ocean lovers out there.

Montage Los Cabos

Corey and Alissa stayed at the Montage resort, which is a Forbes 5-Star resort with breathtaking views, quality amenities, and seaside villas you’ll definitely love to stay in. It’s truly a vacation sweet spot, mostly enjoyed by couples and families alike.

Maternity Shoots with Cabo Pictures

Looking into each other's eyes
photos by

One of our favorite photoshoots is shooting for babymooners and moms-to-be. It’s capturing those sweet moments with their partner, husband, or other children that makes each photograph raw, unique, and beautiful. Shooting with Corey and Alissa was utterly effortless, as they were the epitome of a blissful happy couple just over-the-moon with their soon-to-be family of three.

The Jones at the Santa Maria Beach collage

Book with us a 60-minute photography session which includes:

  • A location of your choice
  • A curated online gallery containing all of the edited, high-resolution digital files
  • Roughly 50-75 images with copywrite release
  • Session starting at $300USD
  • Reservation costs only $75USD

The perfect wedding gift

The perfect wedding gift

Wedding season is fast upon us! During this busy period a lot of people struggle to find the perfect gift for their close friend for their special day. Last month we had an enquiry from Paulina a long time friend and client, she wanted to get her close friend Amanda a thoughtful gift for their wedding. Paulina and Amanda both grow up in Cabo San Lucas. Paulina choose to bring us out to Santa Monia for the love birds engagement photo shoot! A great gift idea that the happy couple would never forget and be able to treasure their photos forever.

We spent the afternoon with Amanda and Brendan up in Santa Monica at the pier and by the fair, a very magical day! We got some beautiful shots with the sun setting under the pier and not to mention with gypsy the cutest dog ever. Congratulations Amanda and Brendan, we cannot wait to see you on your wedding day!

If you are interested in an engagement for a friend, family member or even yourself please do get in contact with us here. Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot!


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