An all-time favorite destination, the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa sits at the edge of the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas. Known for its picturesque views and breathtaking scenery, it’s no surprise why the Kang family chose this resort for their first-time vacation with their adorable 8-month-old.

A Happy Accident

Initially, the Kang family wanted to have their photoshoot at the Lover’s Beach; but in order to get there, you must ride a small boat. At the morning of the shoot dad had second thoughts and decided to have their photos taken at the Grand Solmar beach instead. It was a “happy accident”, as the pictures came out beautifully, not just because of the beautiful backdrop but because of the precious moments we managed to take.

Beautiful Photos of a Beautiful Family
We started to shoot late-evening until sunset. Our particular favourites were the shots of their silhouettes against the beautiful sunset. This family did not need any directions from our photographer, Diego, at all. The Kang family was very natural and had an endearing energy that we couldn’t stop capturing. One could see that love that emanated from these photos. This is magic that Photoshop can’t even create.

Happiness in a Photo
As we reviewed the photos (trust us, it was difficult for us to choose the best ones, because everything turned out perfectly), it was sheer happiness that we saw in each photograph. The looks they gave to their 8-year-old daughter and to each other as husband and wife are one of the reasons why we love what we do—it’s capturing happiness in photos and immortalizing each one so families can look back at their unforgettable trips together.

About Cabo Pictures
It’s moments like these that inspire us to keep doing what we do. At Cabo Pictures, we capture unforgettable moments—from family vacations, to pre-nuptials, to weddings and honeymoons—every imaginable occasion, we’ve got you covered. We look for the fleeting yet memorable eye contact and take a snapshot of every emotion, so you can have something to remember these moments by. Your family vacations are made to last with photographs that show all the beautiful micro-moments that make up the bigger picture (pun intended).

Why You should Choose the Grand Solmar Resort for your Next Vacation

If you’re looking to relax on your next vacation, look no further than the Grand Solmar Resort. With its namesake that describes its perfect location, it sits at the edge of the ocean, which allows for breathtaking seaside views and relaxing ocean breeze. It’s no surprise why most families choose Grand Solmar, as the accommodations range from a 737-square-foot studio, to a four-bedroom penthouse at 6,232 square feet.

Should you decide to book a trip and preserve those magical moments, Cabo Pictures is here to make sure you’re all covered. It’s our goal to tell your family’s story, whether it’s celebrating milestones or simply documenting your family vacation, so you have something to remember by. We offer a 60-minute photoshoot, like we did with the Kang’s, and are very flexible when it comes to the location and time of the shoot. Our photographer, Diego, was specifically hand-picked, as he works best with families and children. We make sure that we match our photographers with what you are looking for. Reserve today for only $75USD! This is an investment you won’t forget, and one that your family will always hold dear for many years.