Los Cabos New Year at it best with Pez Gato!

One of my resolutions is to take more boat cruises.  We had the honor to be invited to join Pez Gato for their New Years Fireworks Party.  We were scheduled as their photographer, but, we were having such a good time, we couldn’t distinguish whether it was work or play. The band was rocking for the entire cruise and the appetizers and drinks were non-stop. All of the drinks were so colorful!

We had stopped to get ready for the fireworks presentation when the boat crew started handing out grapes. These are not your typical grapes, they are lucky grapes.  What?
Started by the winegrowers of Spain in the 1800’s, who would gather at the town square for New Years and drink champagne while eating them, the tradition of the twelve grapes at midnight began.  This is how it works.  Select twelve grapes and for safety sake, we suggest small seedless ones.  Have them handy as the new year approaches and be near a clock that chimes.  As the bells begin to chime, you begin to eat your grapes quickly in synchronization with each chime of the clock.  It’s believed that whoever can eat their grapes in time with the chimes would have a prosperous/lucky year. Over the years, there’s been variations and some believe that if you notice the taste of each grape that it will indicate whether that month of the year will be sweet or sour.  Still others believe that if you make a wish as you eat each grape, it will come true.  Do not eat all of the grapes at once as this is considered unlucky. I consider folks that can accomplish this tradition without choking, pretty lucky but, good luck if you try it.

As we began the new year, we were treated to the spectacular fireworks display as only Los Cabos can produce. May one of  your New Years resolutions be to get a family photoshoot with Cabo Pictures!

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